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Tomball ISD Project Show
The 2019 TISD Project Show will be January 24-26!

If you plan to participate in the 2019 project show, you must attend a mandatory meeting either 9/5 OR 9/6 at the THS commons to pay for your animal!
Pig, Lamb & Goat Selection is Sept. 29!

1.   Why should I raise an animal for the project show?

Each animal in FFA is referred to as an experience. It is a vital part of a well rounded FFA program to have a supervised agricultural experience (SAE). This SAE will take dedication and hard work, but come show time, you will be rewarded not only monetarily but also by gaining personal characteristics like responsibility, time management and a great work ethic which are valuable traits when applying for college and/or a career.
2.   If I do want to raise an animal for Tomball ISD Project Show, what do I do?
First, you must be enrolled in at least 1 Ag Science course at your high school. That can be a semester class. Then make sure you pay your FFA dues to join and become an annual FFA member. Following that, you and a parent needs to attend the mandatory meeting to pay for the animal of your choice. If you are interested in raising a steer, contact an Ag teacher at your high school at the beginning of March and find out when the due date is for the steer deposit for the following school year. Turkeys are also paid for by the end of May for the following school year. All other (pigs, lambs, broilers, and rabbits) will be paid for at the mandatory meeting.
3.   Do I HAVE to raise an animal to be in FFA?
No - raising an animal is a choice; however it is encouraged. It will change your life. You may simply join FFA to participate in Leadership and Career Development Events as well as other FFA opportunities. Contact your ag teacher for more information in these fun opportunities!
4.   What if I want to raise an animal but do not have the funds to? 
It's your lucky day (maybe) - The Hudson Folkerts Memorial Foundation offers scholarships to help students that in financial need to raise an animal. Go to th HFMF tab to take you to their website where you can find the application to turn in. Please pay attention to deadlines to have them turned in. It will be prior to the mandatory meetings in order for the foundation to evaluate and approve. The foundation will pay TISD FFA directly and you will have an account set up at a feed store for your feed.


Project Show Rules Jason Thomas 9/13/2018 268 KB
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