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Remind 101/Social Media

Stay Informed

Dates, locations and times of all Tomball Memorial FFA Chapter events are subject to change. While our webpage will be updated, it is crucial for students and parents/guardians to stay in the know by following us on social media, registering for the Remind 101 System and following the TMHS Booster Club on Facebook. If there are any last minute changes, you are most likely to see them there. 

When in doubt, contact an Ag. Teacher and we will answer your questions!

If you are raising an animal for the TISD Project Show. Please see the 'Animal Remind 101's' tab to add yourself to the message board specific to your species. 

Remind 101

TMHS FFA Class of 2022 - Seniors 

Text @ffatmhs22 to 81010

TMHS FFA Class of 2023 -Juniors

Text @ffatmhs23 to 81010

TMHS FFA Class of 2024 -Sophomores

Text @ffatmhs24

 TMHS FFA Class of 2025 -Freshman

Text @ffatmhs25 to 81010

TMHS Parent Barn Remind 101
Text @parentbarn to 81010 

TMHS Student Barn Remind 101

Text @tmhsbarn to 81010 


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